Renewable Energy for Heating and Cooling

A vast reservoir of thermal energy lies in store directly beneath the buildings we occupy. This energy, originating from the sun and absorbed by the ground, can provide clean, renewable heating and cooling.

Using only a small amount of electricity, a geothermal system collects heat energy from the ground and delivers it to the building for winter heating. With a flick of a switch on your thermostat, the process is reversed for cooling.

Proven Technology
Geothermal technology has proven itself time and time again, through thousands of installations. Experience has lead to great strides in the efficiency and durability of ground source heat pumps, but the ground loops have remained relatively unchanged since the industry’s inception. Until now.

REHAU offers an innovative ground loop solution drawing on our expertise as the pioneer of PEXa heating pipe. Our RAUGEO ground loop heat exchange system, with its unique design and materials, offers a revolutionary new way to do geothermal.

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RAUGEO™ Now Certified for use in Canadian earth energy system applications

PEXa pipes and F2080 cold-expansion compression-sleeve fittings may now be used in geothermal applications throughout Canada.

Geothermal Technology FAQ

Everything you want to know about geothermal heating and cooling.

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Geothermal Reference Projects

BioHaus Environmental Learning Center

Educational facility using REHAU products achieves North America’s first German Passivhaus certification.

Village Green Homes

Loudoun County, Virginia builder meets LEED standards with REHAU geothermal system.

REHAU MONTANA ecosmart house Project

REHAU, Montana State University and an expanding team of experts have collaborated to build a sustainable home, optimize its systems and share cutting-edge research and technology with green building pioneers.