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REHAU Corporate Video – Fascinating Polymers

Corporate Video

Automobile and furniture industry, water management and window systems – Discover the variety of REHAU!

Off to Kenya with REHAU

Franziska Enzmann will be on the road in Kenya for three months – for and with REHAU

Sustainability Report

Take a look at our Sustainability Report and learn how we realize sustainability at REHAU.

Plastic recyclate for a new product life


For all those interested in polymer research, REHAU Labs shows the processes and developers behind the REHAU products.

Mehr denn je bewegt das Thema Wasser die Welt. Das Jahr 2013 wurde als Internationales Jahr des Wassers erklärt.

Unlimited 5

Water will soon become what crude oil is already: a strategic resource, the raw material of the 21st century.

"Year of Water Cooperation"

REHAU is involved - The subject of water concerns the world more than ever.

Visions,Developments, Successes

Innovations drive markets

Our mission is to find the right solutions and responses to a variety of challenges.

light design

Light breaks new ground

The possibilities of light, as regards functions or effects, for example, are nowhere near exhausted.

Decking profile RELAZZO

The strength of natural fibres

REHAU integrates this know-how of nature into its products.

light components aircraft

Ideal – and not just for aircraft construction

Hard as steel, gossamer fine and light as a feather.

Hydrogen technology

Hydrogen – the clean form of energy

Hydrogen technology is an environmentally-friendly, sustainable method of using and storing a renewable source o...

  • 07.04.2014
  • Press

More efficient goods transport in the long term

REHAU begins a new logistic age with ‘EuroCombi’

  • 25.03.2014
  • Press

Polymer specialist REHAU supports the ‘Viva con Agua’ organization

Setting the start for international cooperation

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