Tambour Doors

Imagine the Possibilities

Are your furniture and display designs keeping pace with the most contemporary trends in the market? With shrinking spaces in the work environment and sleeker, more practical design trends in retail and commercial spaces, it's time to discover the fresh look and increased functionality of REHAU tambour door systems.

When compared to sliding or hinged doors, as well as with other tambour products, our systems offer numerous advantages:

Practical Full access to cabinet contents.
Functional Smooth, quiet operation.
Space-Saving Doors do not open out into the work area.
Unique Design Endless possibilities for cabinet sizes, designs and finishes.
Reliable No swelling or sticking with humidity.
Durable A polymer-based formula resists scratching better than hot stamped or foiled tambour products.
Versatile Can be used in both new and retrofit applications.

Discover the unlimited design potential of tambour doors as space-saving solutions for horizontal or vertical openings. Choose from polymer, metallic, glass or acoustic tambour options. Our team is ready to help you select the system that meets your design, function and cost requirements.

Tambour Door Installation: Instructional Videos
This video series provides step-by-step to instructions for building your tambour door.