REHAU NEA Room Controller - Take command in style
Fitting elegantly in almost any environment, its clear edges, flat contours and slight silhouette of only 26mm reveal a sophisticated operation. The new Nea Room Controller from REHAU allows you to easily control the room temperature of floor heating systems, and so much more. With a timeless design, it premiered at ISH 2013 and promptly garnered the coveted red dot design award.

Straightforward Installation
The REHAU NEA room controller operates on 24 volts and features uncomplicated installation, easy operation and many convenient features. Compact and flat, the high-quality Nea controller has an illuminated, easy to read LCD display. The installation is simple and secure directly on the wall.

Easy Operation
Operated using three buttons, the thermostat displays a neat status with clear symbols, making user interaction simple and self-explanatory. The Nea controller can be protected from unauthorized operation by means of an adjustable child safety lock.

Comfortable Functions

In addition, the functions of the thermostat make the day-to-day life easier. For example, up to three time zones per day can be programmed with the time displayed on the device.


Features and Benefits

NEA thermostats are available in 2 variants:

  • HT- air temperature sensing thermostat with timer function
  • HCT- air temperature sensing thermostat with floor temperature sensing option and timer function

The NEA wiring centre allows a safe and clear wiring of the system in the heating manifold cabinet.

  • For the connection of maximum 6 room thermostats and 12  thermal actuators in 24 V AC
  • Screwless connecting technique by means of clamp/plug connectors
  • Optionally available with integrated pump control
  • For standard rails or wall fastening in the distribution cabinet
  • Automatic temperature reduction for 2 heating programs via external time switch is possible
  • Integrated strain relief
  • Clearly arranged connections

NEA Thermostat:

  • With wall mounting brackets for installation nnext to NEA 24V wiring centre
  • Certified for use in Australia

NEA Remote temperature probe -  Usable in combination with controller Nea HCT as floor temperature probe or as additional room temperature probe.

Actuator Uni: Controls water flow into floor circuits

  • Thermal actuator, closed when current less  
  • Clear status display
  • Easy installation
  • Overhead installation is possible