RAUPIANO PLUS represents the smart and versatile acoustic drainage system that provides optimum comfort without compromise. The polypropylene-based drainage system is suitable in a wide range of buildings from comfortable homes, modern hospitals, and hectic commercial kitchens to contemporary skyscrapers.

Its multi-layer pipe construction increases the pipe rigidity and enhances the sound insulation properties. The smooth, abrasion-resistant inner layer optimizes the flow, while the impact-resistant outer layer provides robustness for handling on construction sites. Not only built with excellent quality the RAUPIANO PLUS system contains no toxic materials and is 100% recyclable. RAUPIANO PLUS’ excellent properties and complete product range allows you to fulfill the futures’ requirements today.

Recycling RAUPIANO PLUS PVC Adaptors

RAUPIANO PLUS PVC adaptors have shown to comply with the Green Building Council of Australia’s “Best Environmental Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment”. For information regarding the REHAU recycling practice of RAUPIANO PVC Adaptors, please contact us on 1300 768 033.


Wastewater Drainage with RAUPIANO Plus

The RAUPIANO PLUS multi-layer pipe construction achieves superior performance through the application of distinct functional layers. Combined in a composite construction three separate layers impart unique characteristics on the pipe. The abrasion resistant, low friction inner layer ensures the easy transit of waste. The mineral filled mid-layer ensures superb sound dampening properties and offers increased stiffness. Finally, the robust outer layer is tough enough to withstand impacts and shocks. Combined together, the composite layers create a tough, durable pipe, with outstanding acoustic properties that gives all the functionality of a drainage pipe system combined with the noise insulating properties of lagging.

The pipe system can experience local vibrations at redirections due to critical drainage conditions. This can have a negative effect on sound performance. To minimise this effect targeted mass optimization was carried out in sound-critical areas of elbows with a nominal width of DN 90 to DN 160. This stabilizes the sound behavior, reduces sound generation and thus achieves even better noise dampening in the impact area.



Acoustic Performance

The sound-insulating drainage system RAUPIANO PLUS offers quality, quietness and living comfort in important areas of a building. REHAU RAUPIANO PLUS system has been independently tested by members of the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) at the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL). The results showed that RAUPIANO PLUS pipe system exceeds the Rw + Ctr 40 requirement of the BCA/NCC in habitable areas, and that an un-lagged RAUPIANO PLUS system is comparable in sound performance, to a fully lagged PVC system.

Temperature and Chemical Resistance
RAUPIANO PLUS has a high temperature resistance of 95 degrees (intermittent) and 90 degree (continuous operation) as well as a broad chemical resistance to aggressive waste. This enables the system to be an ideal solution for trade waste applications, such as in hospital, hotels and commercial kitchens.

Green Material

RAUPIANO PLUS is made from 100% Polypropylene which takes comparatively low energy to manufacture. PP is also 100% recyclable and contains no harmful chemicals. Using PP drainage reduces the amount of PVC within a project which can award valuable credit points towards the buildings green star rating. RAUPIANO PLUS also requires no toxic glue or primer during installation.

Fire Protection

Fire Protection

For fire protection of penetrations through fire-rated ceilings and walls, it is compulsory to install suitable fire collars that will not reduce the fire rating of the particular building elements. RAUPIANO PLUS system can be installed with suitable fire collars which have been tested and proven according to AS 1530.4 to fulfill the fire protection requirements from NCC/BCA.

Approved fire collar solutions for RAUPIANO PLUS pipe are available from the following manufacturers:

- Promat (1800 PROMAT or 1800 776 628 or www.promat.com.au)

- Ramset (1300 780 063 or www.ramset.com.au)

- Snap (1300 76 46 26 or www.snapcollars.com.au)


Contact the manufacturer of the fire collar for information on fire test results and assembly/installation instructions to determine which solution suits your requirements.