Real Glass Effect Edgeband

Two-Step Visions

Glass and Stainless Steel

While the upper part of the edgeband shows the unique look of real glass, the lower part presents a stainless steel or aluminum appearance.

  • Combines the design of glass with the processing advantages of polymer
  • Combines glass and metal design to give the impression of a mounted glass plate
  • Looks like real glass, but weighs less than real glass and will not break
  • Transparent carrier material is colored in glass color shades


Achieve Unique Appearance of Real Glass

Real glass has established itself as a high-quality, visually appealing solution on the furniture front. New kinds of surfaces combine the advantages of polymer materials with the visual effects of real glass.

The Visions product line by REHAU was developed as a new generation of edgeband materials for this specific purpose edging these new kinds of surfaces to meet the requirements of today's modern design environment. Edgebands made of PMMA allow for a frameless look, and create the impression of a flush fitted glass top.

  • Three-dimensional depth gives a transparent and translucent effect
  • Edge becomes a transparent highlight