Work Station Solutions

Innovative Solutions for the Modern Work Environment

Comfort in the Workplace
Temperature, air quality, lighting and acoustics contribute to a feeling of well-being in the workplace. Perception and concentration among employees are particularly affected by sound and the acoustics in a space. Noise leads to a reduction in comprehension, and an increase in stress, exhaustion and errors.

The level of acceptable sound versus intrusive noise fluctuates with every individual. In order to work efficiently, individuals need limited noise for concentration. However, verbal communication among colleagues is also critical to an effective work environment. Verbal interaction can certainly disrupt concentrated work, but silence can dramatically hinder teamwork.

What is the solution? Modern office design must incorporate the acoustic requirements for concentrated work into a communicative environment.

Architectural Trends in the Office
Open-floor office concepts are becoming increasingly common in modern workplace environments. These “open offices” are divided into 4 zones which reflect the need for the variety, multi-functionality and adaptation required by different workplace activities.

- Concentration zone: A noise-deflecting and visually-screened quiet employee workspace
- Formal communication zone: Closed room for the exchange of team and interdepartmental information
- Informal communication zone: Slightly screened area for open, informal communication
- Relaxation zone: An area for workers to refresh, and equipped with good visual and acoustic screening from other zones

Optimal room acoustics in modern open plan workplaces require ceilings, floors, furniture and doors coordinating. Flexible separating wall systems, dividing walls within rooms and all surfaces provide an important sound absorbing element.

Modern architectural trends are not solely based on sound regulating properties, but rely on high-quality elemental design. Pleasing colors and materials in addition to functionality, work to support comfortable atmosphere.

REHAU’s Acoustic Line sound absorbing tambour doors and RAUWORKS screens work together to provide the adjustable solution to multiple working environments.