Acoustic Adjustable Screens For Workstations

RAUWORKS screens, specially developed for application in a shared workspace setting, incorporate modern design with noise-deflection and absorption for office environments. Thanks to sound absorbing materials and customizable panel heights and colors, RAUWORKS screens create a unique, disruption-free work space supporting clear communication in today’s openly-structured office settings.


  • Specially developed for the use in double workplaces
  • Modern design combined with sound shielding and absorption
  • Individual adjustment of the workplace acoustically as well as visually


Variety of combinations

REHAU is a provider of innovative solutions for modern, attractive working environments. With RAUWORKS screen, REHAU achieves an acoustical balance in offices in addition to the proven product RAUVOLET acoustic-line.

RAUWORKS Fixed ScreenRAUWORKS Split Screen
  • One-piece solution attached to table
  • Individually height adjustment
  • Possibility to fit organizational elements (A4 tray, desk set).
  • Separate panels, attached to table
  • Individual, continuous, mechanical height adjustment(counterbalance mechanism) to aid communication or concentration "on demand“

Technical Data

Technical Data

All versions of RAUWORKS screen are highly effective in both high and low frequency ranges.

Absorption DegreeAbsorption Class
RAUWORKS Split Screen

αw 0.75


RAUWORKS Fixed Screen

αw 0.75


*According to DIN EN ISO 11654