RAUVISIO crystal slim


Glass laminate RAUVISIO crystal slim

With an overall thickness of just 4mm, RAUVISIO crystal slim lends itself to a plethora of different furniture applications. Whether for use as a splashback, front solution or wall cladding the possibilities are endless.

RAUVISIO crystal slim decorative designs


Advantages RAUVISIO crystal slim

  • Extra slim board (5mm) for a variety of applications (e.g. for splashbacks, fronts or wall cladding etc.)
  • Glass effect without the setbacks (??)
  • Low weight giving added advantage in terms of transportation, packaging and installation
  • Break-proof
  • Maximum processing flexibility – cut the panel to whatever size and shape you choose and drill fitting and fixture holes wherever you want them
  • Hygienic and durable for everyday use (with a special scratch proof coating, can be used as a white board with water soluble marker pens
  • Highly water repellent (Lotus effect)
  • Can be cleaned simply with water and a micro fibre cloth

Delivery Programme

RAUVISIO crystal slim - The product range

RAUVISIO crystal slim is supplied as a 4mm thick pressed panel comprising glass laminate bonded directly onto a matching balancing sheet. This product is available from REHAU as standard in the designs Bianco, Perla, Magnolia, Corniola, Menta, Azzurro, Fumo and Sabbia.