BREATHE 2 Air Purifier

Great Design

BREATHE 2's design team has studied over 10 space designs and over 30 product looks, which means that they've come in handy with every home design 

Continues Purification

Particle CADR 700m³/h

Purifies 84㎡ fast & efficiently

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Powerful Purification

BREATHE 2 空气净化机

BREATHE 2 uses high-accuracy laser PM2.5 sensors and embedded algorithms making the BREATHE 2 air purifier highly sensitive to indoor air quality. BREATHE 2 works intelligently, adjusting automatically to any indoor air quality changes.

Flexibility in functionality

BREATHE 2 comes equipped with two powerful and effective filters giving you the greatest flexibility in functionality. Control your environment with separate filters for formaldehyde removal (activated carbon filter) and PM2.5 removal (RAUHEPA® particle filter).

Remote Control

You can control your BREATHE 2 with the REHAU HOME APP.
All data is accessible via the REHAU HOME APP so you can check your home’s air quality wherever you are, whenever you wish.


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