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BREATHE 1 Air Purifier

On the first day, we took a deep breath. And so it began – LIFE.

There were first times for everything in our lives: wonder, surprise, excitement, happiness and comfort. We built sand castles, made friends, counted butterflies, bathed in moonlight and fell in love. These things happened and in between every experience, there was a breath. These moments are like our breaths, countless yet vital.

REHAU BREATHE 1 air purifier cherishes every breath you take. BREATHE 1 freshens your home for your future memories.

BREATHE new life!

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Air Purity and Minimalism Design

Under development for three years, BREATHE 1 is REHAU’s first generation air purifier. It is the first air purifier to combine smart technology with European furniture design.

Think of BREATHE 1 as a beautiful furnishing that will clean the air in your home and blend in to your aesthetic. Simple and minimalistic, the BREATHE enclosure is made from laser-cut metal and refined wooden panels. The focus is on craftsmanship and quality.

BREATHE 1 ensure your loved ones breathe air that is over 99% free of pollutants.

Purify in Real Time

The REHAU BREATHE 1 air purifier uses high-accuracy laser PM2.5 sensors. All data is accessible in the REHAU HOME mobile app.

The laser sensors and embedded algorithms make the BREATHE air purifier highly sensitive to indoor air quality. BREATHE 1 works intelligently, adjusting automatically to any indoor air quality changes.

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Advanced Purification

BREATHE 1 is an air purifier with innovative multi-layered high efficiency RAUHEPA filter technology. The purifying system includes a medical grade fiberglass filter that removes dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, smoke, odor and other airborne particles and an active carbon filter to remove gaseous pollutants.

RAUHEPA filters have an extremely long lifetime.

Filters are made in Europe.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives