Data Records

REHAU data records for design software

REHAU provides technical and commercial data records for various design software solutions.

If you require a data record that is not currently available, use the contact form to get in touch with us.


liNear Building
Product data record for REHAU radiant heating/cooling systems for floors, walls and ceilings

liNear Analyse
Product data records for the systems RAUTITAN stabil and RAUTITAN flex for heating and drinking water pipe networks, as well as RAUPIANO plus for drainage systems

liNear 3D Pipe & Power
REHAU pipe systems as a 3D data record


RAUTITAN flex and RAUTITAN stabil data record for the calculation of drinking water pipe systems

Plancal Nova by Trimble

REHAU underfloor heating and pipe systems for drinking water, heating and drainage


Data record for pipe systems

mh Software

REHAU underfloor heating and pipe systems

Bausoft (Switzerland)

Drinking water pipe system