Grafite – Bold beneath the ice

A secret hidden by snow and ice

‘It lies there, wilder than any other land on our earth, unseen and untrodden.’

The polar explorer Roald Amundsen used these words to describe the Antarctic. The region’s colour palette is dominated by the white of snow and ice and the blue of the sky.

But there is something special hiding amidst these cold, inhospitable surroundings: Graphite Peak – a mountain made entirely of granite. Covered by a sheet of snow and ice, it hides its secret so well that its reserves of this valuable material were only revealed a few decades ago, when an expedition made a chance discovery.


Power and strength to take your breath away


High contrast

With its dark grey colour, Grafite is a strong contrast to the light, icy tones that surround it at the South Pole.



It draws any observer’s gaze, as well as being elegant, dynamic and easy to combine with a wide range of other colors.



Just like the Antarctic’s rough peak, Grafite stands ouẗ thanks to a strong, striking color whose sheer expressive power is bound to impress.


Grafite – high-contrast and versatile

You won’t want to hide Grafite kitchen surfaces under an ice sheet. Grafite is perfect in combination with other colors, and works with a range of kitchen styles and designs. Grafite is available in:

Grafite-Brilliant-matt - 76636

Brilliant matt

Grafite-Brilliant-hochglaenzend - 76635

Brilliant high-gloss

Grafite-Crystal-matt - 76638

Crystal matt

Grafite-Crystal-hochglaenzend - 76637

Crystal high-gloss

Grafite – a color straight from nature

Use Grafite grey to bring the secrets of the Antarctic into your customers’ homes.

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