Titanio – Simmering passion

Fire and longing

Some mountains hide an unexpected love story.

According to local legend, Popocatepetl is actually a warrior who was so devastated by his lover’s untimely death that he decided to take his own life. The day he died, he became a mountain and has kept watch over the neighbouring mountain, his sleeping beauty, ever since.

But the ‘smoking mountain’ of Popocatepetl is more than just a lover – it’s also Mexico’s most famous volcano. It combines the fires of passion with the charismatic grey of volcanic rock.

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Mountains to captivate you



As tough and strong as a volcano, our Titanio color makes a real statement. It’s a highlight of any interior design.



You can tell the warrior’s fire is still burning, because the mountain is still spewing smoke. Our Titanio color reflects all the intensity of lava and fire.



The landscape makes a surreal, magical impression on any observer. Titanio’s metallic shimmer is inspired by this scenery, and radiates an incredible, fascinating elegance.


Titanio – eye-catcher with strong character

With Titanio, a particularly noble shade is entering the world of kitchen surfaces. With its passionate shimmer, Titanio brings that certain something extra to many different kitchen styles and designs. Titanio is available in:

Titanio-Brilliant-matt - 76726

Brilliant matt

Titanio-Brilliant-Hochglaenzend - 76725

Brilliant high-gloss

Titanio-Crystal-matt - 76729

Crystal matt

Titanio-Crystal-hochglaenzend - 76727

Crystal high-gloss

Titanio – a color straight from nature

Use Titanio grey to bring the heat and passion of the volcano into your customers’ homes.

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