REHAU TABS installed at the Medicine Centre at Leicester University
Piperdam Holiday Cottages
BBC Redevelopment - The eye of the installation
TABS Installation - White Collar Factory, London
REHAU pipe plumbing at Royal Shakespeare Theatre
Chilled ceiling at Chancery Lane offices

Build Your Legacy with REHAU

The Build Your Legacy Campaign has been devised to encourage Mechanical & Electrical contractors to consider how the product they chose today will impact on a building's performance in years to come. It focuses on the 4 key ways to deliver more sustainable, future-proofed installations by addressing:

  • Quality
  • Technical Know-how
  • Trust & Reliability
  • Innovation and Sustainability

The campaign is design to give contractors the information and tools they need to create their own legacy and help construct buildings that they can be proud of today and in the future.

Over the next few months a number of downloadable guides and features will be released to cover some of the challenges contractors face during builds and discuss some of the topics that can help to create your legacy. Acoustics is the first area and why drainage acoustics is becoming more problematic in modern buildings and the need for high performance internal drainage.


Windows and commercial projects

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Putting offsite in focus

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Specifying Heating & Plumbing Solutions

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Breaking down the barriers

An easy guide to pre-insulated pipe & district heating

Acoustics Drainage

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