Key consideration for specifying pipe fittings

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Building services are the lifeblood of any building. But remove the heating, ventilation or access to water for example, and the building would become redundant. This is why it has never been so important for contractors to arm themselves with a variety of modern heating and plumbing techniques as they can truly impact the cost-effectiveness and durability of a given project.

Ultimately, you require a solution that is easy to install, reliable and cost effective. With this in mind, this guide advises on some of the incremental changes that can be made with regards to commercial heating and plumbing, in order to reap reward in the future and build on your company’s legacy.

Reliable installation.

RAUTITAN: The universal system for drinking water and heating.

As a comprehensive and variable system, RAUTITAN is the number one choice for modern installations.

RAUTITAN and RAUTOOLs - the perfect partners

Drinking water installation:

Hygienic, long-lasting reliability and simple installation: The RAUTITAN system is a trusted solution for drinking water installations worldwide.

RAUTITAN flexible installation

Radiator connection:

Whether for radiator connections through the floor, the wall or skirting board - RAUTITAN always has the right solution.

Jointing technology: expand pipe
1. Expand pipe end
Jointing technology: insert fitting
2. Insert fitting
Jointing technology: compress joint
3. Apply compression sleeve

Permanently sealed in just 3 steps:

No need for deburring and calibrating pipes. The professional tools of the RAUTOOL range also simplify installation. Even before the pressure test, a simple visual inspection is enough to verify a proper connection.