Putting offsite in focus

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Today, offsite technology is a significant contributor to the construction industry’s output. The significant role it plays should be viewed as an opportunity the supply chain needs to grasp with both hands, and embrace the bow wave of demand that is being created across a wide range of vertical markets.

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Benefits of offsite construction

There are many benefits of applying prefabrication and preassembly techniques to building engineering services, here are a few:

  • Cost savings 
  • Faster return on investment for the client
  • Reduced programme times
  • Space savings allocated to services
  • Improved quality control

RAUTITAN plumbing system

RAUTITAN: The universal system for drinking water and heating.

As a comprehensive and variable system, RAUTITAN is the number one choice for offsite construction, ideally suited for bathroom pods, utility cupboards etc.

RAUTITAN and RAUTOOLs - the perfect partners

Drinking water installation:

Hygienic, long-lasting reliability and simple installation: The RAUTITAN system is a trusted solution for drinking water installations worldwide.

RAUTITAN flexible installation

Radiator connection:

Whether for radiator connections through the floor, the wall or skirting board - RAUTITAN always has the right solution.

Acoustic Soil & waste system

A complete solution from family homes to large commercial buildings

RAUPIANO Plus pipe, fittings and accessories are available in sizes DN 32 to DN 200 and compatible with HT- and KG  systems – offering noise and fire protection.

17 dB

Install comfort
with RAUPIANO Plus


Fire protection


faster installation

Premium noise protection –
verified by the Fraunhofer Institute

Quieter than the ticking of a watch: RAUPIANO Plus comes in significantly below the minimum legal requirement for noise protection in sanitation installations. It easily fulfills the stringent VDI 4100 standard.

Fire Protection: Fast, easy and standard-compliant

Even when time is of the essence on the construction site, errors are unacceptable when it comes to fire protection. All REHAU fire protection solutions are therefore designed for easy planning and simple installation.

Reduced installation times 

Eliminating potential sources of errors in the planning and installation, as well as reducing the installation effort required, speeds up installation by up to 30% compared with SML cast-iron pipes..

Creating Kerb Appeal

Use colour to minimise sightlines

Architects will often be on the look-out for a window with minimal sightlines so that the break between the external building material and any expanse of glazing is reduced. Darker shades in particular appear much more subtle and will reduce the impact of the window on the building's appearance.