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Data Trunking

High quality cable trunking products.

REHAU offers cable trunking products such as data trunking, including aluminium trunking, pvc trunking and steel trunking. Quiet unobtrusive aesthetics, fast easy installation and the ability to meet the latest standards and regulations are all incorporated into our cable trunking systems.

REHAU COMPACT Data trunking

COMPACT Data Trunking:

Manufactured in the UK, COMPACT Data's trunking design maximises cable spacing, up to 30% more cable capacity than other similar sized trunking systems.

REHAU PROFILA Data trunking

PROFILA Data Trunking:

Larger sister product of COMPACT Data, measuring 180mm x 65mm. PROFILA Data trunking makes it the preferred choice for consultants and electrical contractors. 


  • Truly flexible corners
    • incorporates a living hinge, enables truly variable angle corners with total flexibility for cable trunking systems
  • Internal and external corner inserts
    • Built-in guide pins for fast alignment of cable trunking runs
    • Rounded cable guides that guarantee a minimum bend radius around courners
  • Flat Angles & Tee pieces
    • Moulded dowel pins to make installation faster and easier
    • Symmetrical design allows for the same item can be used for both up and down trunking options
  • Socket Boxes
    • Adjustable from 38mm-50mm
    • Concave back wall allows cable to flow freely, with no damage to the external sheaf

Fire Clip - Compliant with changes to BS 7671 Wiring Regulations

“Wiring systems shall be supported such that they will not be liable to premature collapse in the event of a fire” Clause 521.10.202

To ensure compliance with BS 7671:2018, REHAU have developed a solution based on the use of the established LINIAN Push-fit Fire Clip, enabling the Fire Clip to be installed inside REHAU Cable Management Trunking.

Fitted with the Fire-Rated stainless steel cable-ties supplied, the resulting Fire Clip Set provides the required fire-resistance for 18th Edition compliance.


  • Suitable for installation in all substrates
  • The REHAU solution provides the fastest Fire Clip installation time currently available
  • The design of the Fire Clip Set is such that it is suitable for all REHAU Cable Trunking

Other Trunking

REHAU offer a number of cable trunking systems from mini trunking, slimline trunking, aluminium trunking, steel trunking and halogen free trunking.  Find out more by clicking on the images below.

Small Office Trunking

Industrial Trunking

Commercial Trunking

Fire Protection

Did you know?

COMPACT Data trunking is:

  • Up to 40% faster to install than other trunking systems available
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Easy for 1 person to install thanks to the built in guide pins
  • Up to 30% more cable capacity 
  • Open design provides full cable support during installation
Data trunking made in the UK

Bespoke Trunking

Antimicrobial Trunking, Creating a safer environment.

Curved Trunking, Bespoke and Individual.

Coloured Trunking. Create the perfect match for your vision.

REHAU data trunking solutions.

Our cable trunking systems can be fully bespoke and as individual as you.  

When it comes to cable management we've done the research, we've evaluated the markets, we've got the solutions.

No matter what shape, size or location, we can create a cable trunking system that is specifically designed for your individual requirements.


COMPACT Data Trunking

PROFILA Data Trunking

Trunking Accessories

Installation - Connecting 2 lengths

Installation - External corners

Installation - Internal corners

Installation - Flat Angles

Installation - Tee Piece

Installation - Fire Brackets

Installation - Part M Requirements

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