SIGNO LIGNUM - Real Wood Veneer Trunking


Your office at its best

Unusual real wood veneer meets silver or champagne-coloured aluminium in brushed finish.

Discover and experience elegant styling:

A dado trunking classic shows its true class.

With the high quality real wood veneer SIGNO LIGNUM, you create a spectacular as well as attractive connection between the functionality in the office and an elegant appearance. This makes SIGNO LIGNUM a premium solution for high quality office landscapes.

This trend for individualisation of representative rooms and premium offices is also currently reflected in the product ranges of well-know office furniture suppliers and cabinet manufacturers.

  • Tested and approved to DIN EN 50085
  • SIGNO LIGNUM combines the quality of brushed aluminium surfaces – silver or champagne-coloured – with the look of veneered fronts
  • Elegant real wood veneer
  • SIGNO LIGNUM creates striking highlights in office landscapes
  • Potential equalisation through direct contact via an earthing bridge (conductive connection between the lower trunking parts)
  • Potential equalisation through direct contact via earthing clips (conductive connection and cable retaining clip between the lower and upper trunking part)
  • Opening of the upper part 79 mm for all trunking variants
  • Socket outlet without additional upper part covers
  • Mounting rail 7.5 x 35 mm for fixing socket outlet boxes and separators
  • Symmetrical base perforation for direct insertion of the fixing screws
  • Coupling pins for the joint connection
  • In connection with ventilation profiles, assembly into an attractive cladding front
  • Pre-fabricated mouldings for changing the direction



  • High quality real wood surfaces ensure individual design options
  • Cordless forced earthing: Quick, safe and costs less
  • Potential equalisation through direct contact: Time-consuming plugging in of earthing conductors as well as the use of earthing points no longer required
  • Earthing clip fulfils a double function: it serves additionally as a cable retaining clip
  • Unlimited operating reliability
  • Safe and indestructible earthing, even if the upper trunking part is repeatedly removed and replaced
  • Standard product range for socket boxes, cladding and accessories, regardless of material and dimensions of the dado trunking
  • Fewer components, because no separate covers for the upper part are required
  • Less risk of a mix-up
  • More clarity when ordering
  • Less design work
  • Time-saving and safe assembly technology in construction site quality
  • Perfect interplay of the trunking base perforation and console construction

Product Range

Product Range

  • Material: Aluminium, alloy: EN AW-6060 T66
  • Supply length: 2,000 mm
  • Dimensions: 70/170
  • Supplied colours:
    • Lower trunking part: Brushed aluminium, silver or champagne-coloured
    • Upper part with a surface made from real wood veneer in the following designs:
      Bog oak - Bamboo - Zebrano - Rosewood - Light bog oak - Makassar - American walnut
  • Delivery format: Lower and upper trunking parts separate