Bench Trunking


PROFILA Bench Trunking is a robust system based around a triangular shaped uPVC base profile and a single lid

Laboratories and workshops are some of the most common situations where a cable trunking system running on top or below working surfaces is the best solution for power and data installations.

High configuration 104mm (h) x 90mm (d)

This configuration maximises the useful worktop area and is the recommended default orientation when continuous lengths of trunking are installed against a back wall and on top of a working surface. It is also recommended when back to back lengths are to be used.

Low configuration 90mm (h) x 104mm (d)

This orientation is recommended when available space above the worktop is limited i.e. under a window frame.

Twin configuration 104mm (h) x 180mm (d)

Suitable for power distribution across the middle of worktops. It can easily connect to standard perimeter trunking, bench trunking or underfloor systems. This configuration can also be used on island locations allowing on-site customised lengths.



  • Through ribs on the base of the trunking, the profile is raised from the surface level of a worktop, stopping spillages of dangerous materials entering the containment
  • V-grooved channelling inside the profile can be used as drilling guides, speeding up installation time
  • Single and twin pods are available as pre-assembled units for island locations
  • Antimicrobial option provides long-life protection against the most common types of bacteria
  • Can be installed with a grey main lid or grey socket collars ensuring compliance with Part M of the Building Regulations for the visually impaired
  • A choice of dividers allows maximum flexibility for segregation into 1, 2 or 3 compartments