Wiring Trunking



Operating reliability in switch systems due to quality installation standards.

BE-DIN: Made from PVC, with adhesive tape, DIN dimensions
METRA: Made from PVC, metric dimensions, tested to UL 1565
NU-DIN: Made from PVC, with adhesive tape, DIN dimensions, profiled side punching
HF: Halogen-free, DIN dimensions
VF: Made from PP, round, flexible short lengths (500 mm), with optional adhesive tape


  • Lower part punched on both sides; side punching tapers in the head area and fixes the wire passing through it
  • Base perforation to DIN EN 50085-2-3 ensures a standard fixing
  • Pre-determined breaking points for effortless removal of the ribs
  • Supply length: 2,000 mm
  • Delivery format: Lower and upper trunking part packed as a set




  • Material classified to UL 94: V-0
  • Material: lead-free PVC with calcium-zinc stabilisers


  • Double-sided adhesive tape applied as an assembly aid as standard (except for construction height 100)
  • Flame-resistant, self-extinguishing after a flame has been removed

Product range:

  • Construction height: 25 mm; Construction width: 25 mm
  • Construction height: 37.5 mm; Construction width: 37.5 und 50 mm
  • Construction height: 50 mm; Construction width: 37.5/50/62.5/75/100/125 mm
  • Construction height: 62.5 mm; Construction width: 37.5/50/62.5/87.5/100/125 mm
  • Construction height: 75 mm; Construction width: 25/37.5/50/75/100/125 mm
  • Construction height: 100 mm; Construction width: 25/62.5/100 mm
  • Supplied colours: RAL 7030 Stone grey


Control Panel Trunking

Material: Base and cover - Rigid PVC

Colour: RAL 7030 (grey)

Size: 25/30, 25/40, 25/60, 25/80, 25/100, 40/40, 40/60, 40/80, 60/40, 60/60, 60/80, 80/60, 80/80, 100/60, 100/80, 120/60, 120/80



Material: Trunking: RAU-PVC 1309, Cable clip & end caps: RAU-PVC 1102

Colour: RAL 7030 (grey)

Size: 25/37.5, 37.5/37.5, 37.5/50, 37.5/75, 50/37.5, 50/50, 50/75, 75/37.5, 75/50, 75/75, 100/75, 125/50, 125/75.


Slotted Halogen free control panel trunking


  • Operational temperature range -25°C to +70°C
  • This material should not come into contact with cutting fluid
  • No corrosive gases or by-products
  • Flame-resistant annd self-estinguishing to UL94 V1

Technical Specification Details:

Standard supply: base and cover combined

Supplied length: 2 metres

Colour: RAL 7035 Light Grey

Material: PC+ABS blend, classified to UL94 V-0, halogen-free, meets DIN VDE 0472-81


Flexible Wiring Conduit


  • Easy to handle due to small section lengths
  • Flexible cabling which allows cabling over uneven surfaces and around bends
  • Available with or without adhesive tape
  • Operational temperature range -20°C to +70°C

Technical Specification:

Standard supply: one piece flexible profile

Supplied length: 0.5 metres

Colour: RAL 9010 Pure White

Material: RAU-PP Halogen-free