RAUPEX industrial pipe system

What is RAUPEX?

RAUPEX pipes are made from cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xa)using the renowned EVERLOC compression sleeve jointing system and the electrofusion coupler, which forms a safe and complete system for use in modern industrial systems.


  • Ideal for compressed air, cooling water, chemicals, industrial heating and much more
  • Application-specific pipe colours (in accordance with DIN 2403)
  • Area of application from -40° to +95 °C
  • Cut lengths and coiled bundles available


  • A universal system from dimensions 20 – 160 for many industrial media
  • Significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • No leaks, corrosion or incrustation
  • Fast, easy and safe assembly guarantee that deadlines are met
  • Various pipe colours in accordance with DIN 2403 for identification by colour
  • Polymer pipes made from PE-Xa with maximum mechanical and thermal loading capacity
  • Free from heavy metals, halogens and substances that inhibit paint adhesion
  • Can be installed rigidly and flexibly with cut lengths and coiled bundles

System Components

  • RAUPEX pipes (colours in accordance with DIN 2403):
    • Dim. 20 x 1.9 to 160 x 14.6 (SDR 11)
    • Dim. 20 x 2.8 to 63 x 8.6 (SDR 7.4)
  • Extensive range of fittings for the jointing techniques:
    • Compression sleeve
    • FUSAPEX electrofusion coupler made from PE-X
    • Electrofusion coupler made from PE
  • Ball valves
  • Accessories for compressed air
  • Tools