Sustainable Homes feature REHAU heating and cooling

A whole raft of REHAU low energy heating and cooling solutions have been chosen for an innovative development of sustainable homes in Lighthorne, Warwickshire.

Specialist designers and contractors Be Green Systems, working in partnership with Housestyle Countrywide, are fitting the contemporary family homes with ground source energy and REHAU underfloor heating systems as standard, and then showcasing additional options such as REHAU chilled ceilings and MVHR to buyers in the onsite show home.

The intention is that, once buyers on the development see how easily and cost effectively these can be integrated into a new property and experience for themselves the gentle heating, cooling and ventilation which they generate, they will specify them for themselves.

Be Green Systems has been a long term customer of REHAU, routinely choosing the RAUVITHERM pre-insulated pipework for district heating projects and the REHAU floor systems and PE-Xa pipework for underfloor heating installations.

At Lighthorne, RAUVITHERM pipework is connecting all of the nine properties to a ground-source energy collector installed under the road.  A heat pump in each property is generating the low flow and return temperatures required for the REHAU underfloor heating systems. REHAU’s flexible heating and plumbing pipework is also supplying the hot and cold running water.

Definitely the most unique aspect of the project is the inclusion of REHAU’s CoolBoard chilled ceiling system in the kitchen, living room and master bedroom of the show home.  Extensively proven in the commercial sector, this is the first time that REHAU CoolBoard has been installed in a domestic property.

REHAU CoolBoard is essentially plasterboard panels with integrated loops of REHAU’s RAUTHERM 10mm PE-Xa pipe, through which chilled water is circulated to provide a sustainable alternative to conventional air conditioning.  It is an all-in-one solution which is quick and easy to install with pre-drilled fixing holes located on each panel for fixing to the ceiling.

The pipe tails from the boards are connected together using REHAU’s renowned EVERLOC compression sleeve fittings which guarantee no leaks.  The system offers optimum comfort and fast reaction times and, because of the low thermal mass of the panels, good control response.

Be Green are using Solar PV panels mounted on the roof to generate the energy required for the chilled water, with any excess energy stored overnight in an innovative Tesla Solar battery.

Be Green Systems is committed to partnering with REHAU on projects like Lighthorne because of the quality of the pipework and the fittings and because of the support and back up available from REHAU’s technical team.  

Garry Woods, Managing Director of Be Green, said:  “This project not only showcased our expertise but it also showcased the potential of using what we believe are now mainstream heating and cooling solutions in a domestic setting.  Our aim was to show just what can be achieved using sustainable energy giving home owners low energy bills and a low carbon footprint.  I’m delighted that the response from visitors has so far been hugely positive.”

Building TypeResidential developemnt
Client & InstallerBe Green Systems
REHAU ProductChilled ceiling, underfloor heating, pre-insulated pipe, plumbing