REHAU plumbing at Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Royal Sheakespeare Theatre

Royal Sheakespeare Theatre

REHAU has supplied its RAUTHERMEX district heating pipe for the ongoing transformation project at the historic Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon.

More than 170m of 125mm diameter RAUTHERMEX pipework has been installed to enable the remote ground source heat pump system to be linked with the remodelled theatre for the supply of hot water. The REHAU polymer pipework was specified as part of an overall M&E design which reduces the carbon footprint of the theatre by 20%.

RAUTHERMEX features the same PE-Xa polymer pipework which is used for REHAU’s underfloor heating system permanently insulated with a corrugated, closed cell polyurethane foam sleeve. This water resistant sleeve provides optimum thermal insulation and its corrugated design makes the pipework quick and easy to install even in the difficult riverside ground conditions.

What gives RAUTHERMEX its critical advantage over conventional district heating pipework is its longitudinal stability which means the pipe does not expand or contract due to temperature fluctuations while in operation. Typically, polymer pipe expands by at least 1% (depending on the material) so a 170m pipe run such as this would need to have an expansion allowance of 1.7m. With RAUTHERMEX however, no such allowance is necessary, saving money and simplifying the design. Its high hydraulic performance also makes it suitable for temperatures up to 95ºC and pressure up to 6 bar.

RAUTHERMEX utilises REHAU’s EVERLOCTM permanent, leak free jointing technique and is supplied with robust wall sealing rings which meet the demanding requirements of the project.

LocationStratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom
Type of projectTheatre
RAUTHERMEX Pre-Insulated Pipe
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