Battery/electric-powered compression sleeve tool for the dimensions 50 to 63 mm or 40 to 110 mm

  • Compression sleeve tool for the dimensions 50 and 63 mm or, using the expansions and accessories, from 40 to 110 mm
  • With an electronically controlled unit (450 bar pressure)
  • Included in delivery: One Li-Ion battery (18 V / 3.0 Ah)
  • Can be expanded individually using expansion sets and accessories
  • Ideal for pre-fabrication and use on construction sites

The following properties have been improved in the new RAUTOOL G2 professional tool generation:

  • Optimised handling due to improved ergonomics
  • More compressions due to innovative Li-Ion battery technology
  • Short battery charge time of < 25 minutes
  • Use of a mains adapter (optional) possible
  • Compact unit with quick-change coupling



  • Up to 80 compressions with one battery charge
  • Optional use with a mains adapter
  • Energy saving due to electric motor
  • Easy to operate "at the touch of a button"
  • Hydraulic expansion possible
  • Easy to install even in tight spots due to the compact design
  • Robust, durable and maintenance-free

System Components

System Components

The RAUTOOL G2 compression sleeve tool from REHAU can be expanded using an expansion set and various accessories:

  • Expansion set 75 - 110
  • Single compression jaw and expansion heads from 40 to 110
  • Pipe shears 63 for flash-free cutting to length
  • Pipe cutters 50-125