Hydraulic-mechanical compression sleeve tool with foot/hand pump for the dimensions 16 to 40 mm

  • With pressure regulated foot/hand pump
  • With double clamping jaw for two pipe dimensions

  • Can be expanded using various expansion sets and accessories



  • Energy saving due to hydraulic motor
  • Easy to install even in tight spots due to the compact design and the ergonomic joint to the compression cylinder

  • Easy to operate

  • Due to the double clamping jaw, two dimensions can be processed without alteration

  • Not reliant on a power supply

  • Robust and durable

  • Maintenance-free

System Components

System Components

The REHAU RAUTOOL H2 compression sleeve tool can be expanded using expansion sets and accessories:

  • RAUTITAN stabil 16 - 32 expansion set
  • RAUTITAN flex 16 - 32 expansion set for manual expansion
  • RAUTITAN flex 40 expansion set for hydraulic expansion
  • Single and double compression jaws
  • Internal spiral spring for RAUTITAN stabil pipe
  • Expander bits for expanding pipes
  • Pipe shears for flash-free cutting to length