Chilled Ceiling

REHAU CoolBoard

Low temperature chilled ceiling solution.

A chilled ceiling system designed to provide a cost effective and energy efficient cooling solution for commercial and residential environments.

REHAU Coolboard

REHAU EVERLOC pipe and fittings for coolboard

REHAU CoolBoard consists of a 15mm thick gypsum board backed with 15mm EPS insulation,  with pre-routed grooves to carry 10mm RAUTHERM S PE-Xa pipe work. The panels are supplied pre-assembled with the pipe, along with an extensive range of fittings to secure the boards to the suspended ceiling or joists.

Pipe tails from the boards are connected into a manifold system to the supply of the chilled water. The complete system can be supplied using high quality RAUTHERM S PE-Xa pipework and REHAU EVERLOCTM fittings, ensuring no leaks - ever.

Unlike chilled beams and other ceiling systems, REHAU CoolBoard fits seamlessly with standard plasterboard ceiling panels in any plasterboard ceiling application. Although you may not be able to see the chilled ceiling panels from the standard panels, you will feel their effect.


REHAU Chilled Ceiling offers the following advantages and benefits:

  • Up to 20% lower energy consumption
  • No servicing and maintenance costs
  • No draughts or dust allergens therefore reducing Sick Building Syndrome
  • Uses REHAU EVERLOCTM jointing technology
  • No compromise on planned ceiling height


Beyond the REHAU PE-Xa pipe, the jointing system plays a central role. Over 750 million fittings have been installed worldwide with NO LEAKS,  REHAU EVERLOCTM consists of only 2 components making it the installers choice.

  • Compression sleeve
  • Fitting

REHAU EVERLOCTM offers the following benefits:

  • Fast and easy to install
  • No hot works on site, no mess
  • 10 year comprehensive warranty
  • No O-ring
  • Installation is immediately able to handle pressure loads

Manifold Boxes

  • Insulated manifold boxes with project specific design
  • Clearly labelled for ease of installation
  • Removable, insulated lid
  • Pre-cut pipe inserts aligned with individual ports
  • Test points on each port
Chilled ceiling REHAU EVERLOC images and manifold

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