Thermally Activated Building Structures (TABS)

Efficient heating and cooling for buildings

Energy cost, carbon reduction and legislation drive the need to find new and innovative ways to heat and cool modern buildings. Thermally Activated Building Structures - or TABS – is an innovative cooling and heating system engineered to meet these high requirements.

TABS utilises the large thermal mass of concrete building structures as a buffer for the changing cooling or heating loads during the day. It does this by running hot or cold water through pipes within the slab.

Underlined by its efficiency, TABS is currently a hot topic in climate control.


Thermally activated building structures have the following benefits;

  • Low investment and operating costs
  • "Gentle cooling" without draft effects
  • Reduced air exchange in combination with ventilation systems
  • No Sick Building Syndrome
  • Use of alternative energy sources
  • Low flow temperatures mean efficient performance of alternative energy sources
Low operating costs with TABS

Energy Savings

AirChillerComfort Levels

Lower air volumes -

> less energy required &

reduced fan size

Higher temps (15-18°C)

compared to AC (6-12°C)

Increased comfort and

reduced draughts

Noise ReductionCOP uplift of chiller

1C increase in room temp

= ca. 6% energy savings


Typical applications of Thermally Activated Building Structures:

  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Retail
  • Museums / galleries
  • Transport hubs / stations
  • Sport centres / arena
REHAU TABS installed at the Medicine Centre at Leicester University

Installation Methods

TABS: in-situ concrete slabs

TABS: precast concrete planks

TABS: pre-fabricated mesh

In-situ concrete slabs

  • Large circuits possible
  • Minimal connections within structure
  • Around 300m2 installed per day (2 people)
  • Can sit anywhere within structural slab

Precast concrete planks

  • Off site construction methods
  • Quick to install on site
  • Easy connections into building services
  • High cooling capacity of up to 90W/m2

Pre-fabricated mesh

  • Fast installation
  • Can be used for PT slab applications
  • Better outputs when near slab surface 
  • Ideal for Tichelmann Loops
  • Two options available - sTABS or TABS module


Beyond the REHAU PE-Xa pipe, the jointing system plays a central role. Over 750 million fittings have been installed worldwide with NO LEAKS,  REHAU EVERLOCTM consists of only 2 components making it the installers choice.

  • Compression sleeve
  • Fitting

REHAU EVERLOCTM offers the following benefits:

  • Fast and easy to install
  • No hot works on site, no mess
  • 10 year comprehensive warranty
  • No O-ring
  • Installation is immediately able to handle pressure loads

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