Biomass & Biogas

Energy for the Future

Bioenergy is rapidly gaining in popularity as a renewable energy source in the UK and across Europe. With many years experience in both the biomass and anaerobic digestion markets, REHAU’s innovative solutions and technical team can support you with your bioenergy projects. Government legislation such as the Renewable Heat Incentive is driving growth in these sectors, by reducing payback times for these renewable technologies.

RAUVITHERM Pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe

RAUVITHERM is a pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe for district heating, biomass, biogas and heat pump applications.  It has proved immensely popular since its launch due to its high flexibility and easy to use REHAU EVERLOCTM jointing technology.

RAUVITHERM is the only PE-Xa district heating pipe manufactured in the UK which saves an estimated 29% on Co2 emissions annually.

RAUVITHERM is available in UNO 25-125mm and DUO 25-63mm.


  • Excellent flexibility due to corrugated outer jacket and closed cell PEX insulation
  • Long coils up to 330m possible which are 50% longer than similar flexible pipes
  • High insulating performance from closed cell cross-linked PE foam layers
  • Uses REHAU EVERLOCTM jointing technology
  • Shroud connections are highly insulated using PU foam
  • RAUVITHERM 125mm UNO can transport up to 1.7MW of heat at 80oC/50oC flow & return temperatures
  • WRAS certification for pre-insulated pipe and fittings
  • All sizes stocked in the UK with a full cutting service

RAUTHERMEX Pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe

RAUTHERMEX is a pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe district heating, biomass, biogas and heat pump applications. The high performance PU foam makes it ideal for large district heating over long distances where heat losses are critical. Lightweight polymer pipes such as RAUTHERMEX offer huge advantages over traditional steel pipework due to the speed and ease of installation.

RAUTHERMEX is available in UNO 25-160mm and DUO 20-75mm

RAUTHERMEX Plus also available.


  • Excellent thermal insulation with PU foam with a lambda value of 0.0216W/mK
  • New 140mm UNO is the largest polymer flexible district heating pipe on the market which can transport up to 2.5MW of heat at 80°C/50°C flow & return temperatures
  • No need to compensate for thermal expansion due to bonded foam structure
  • Long coils up to 570m possible, allowing for faster installations vs steel system in 12m lengths
  • Uses the renowned leak-proof REHAU EVERLOC™ compression sleeve technology, used over 850 million times
  • Generation II shrouds are quick and easy to install and remove the need for hot works on site
  • RAUTHERMEX Plus (with increased insulation thicknesses for up to 20% lower heat losses) available on request
  • Fully stocked in the UK with a full cutting service

RAUBIO Digester Heating Pipework

RAUBIO pipework is a one material solution for a cost-effective and high performing digester heating system. PE-Xa is ideal for these demanding environments within a digester as it is resistant to corrosion and clogging.

The RAUBIO range covers the pipework, pipe holders, wall flanges and steel manifolds to connect the pipework.


  • Fast and simple installation
  • No microbiological corrosion
  • High acid & temperature resistance
  • No connections in digester necessary
  • No clogging due to smooth pipe outer surface
  • Simple corrosion-free attachment

RAUBIO Gas Condensation Chamber

REHAU's gas condensation collection chamber offers a solution to collect biogas condensate that combines easy site handling and reliable construction. The solution was specifically designed for the demanding requirements of an anaerobic digestion plant. The chamber offers maximum safety, a 100 year lifespan and is fully leak-proof.


  • Integrated condensate seperation with optional cut-off function for pressure testing
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance due to polypropylene (PP) material
  • No leaks thanks to the safety sealing system with load decoupled seals
  • Simple connection using electrofusion couplers
  • Easy construction site handling with no lifting gear thanks to modular system
  • Simple to inspect with GRP corrosion-resistant steps and the light colour
  • Can take loads up to SLW 60 (10 ton wheel load)



RAUTHERMEX Shroud System

RAUVITHERM Shroud System

RAUVITHERM Pre-Insulated Pipe