Probes & Pipework

RAUGEO PE-Xa probes

RAUGEO PE-Xa probes are designed for safe and efficient ground source energy extraction from boreholes. They are the only probe on the market with no joint at the probe tip, due to the advanced properties of PE-Xa. Each probe comes with a unique 10-year consequential loss warranty, offering the client and driller complete reassurance of optimal performance.

RAUGEO PE-Xa probes are available in 32mm & 40mm, up to 250m long.


  • No joint at the probe tip for the highest reliability
  • Can be used up to 95°C; ideal for borehole thermal energy storage applications (BTES)
  • 10 year consequential loss warranty on RAUGEO PE-Xa probes
  • High mechanical resistance against notches, grooves and point loads
  • Uses leak-proof REHAU EVERLOCTM fitting system for a rapid and reliable installation


The innovative RAUGEO Helix XXL sets new standards in terms of the assembly, efficiency and operating safety of energy piles. With safe assembly that is twice as fast, significantly improved extraction performance is achieved. The energy piles work more economically than ever before.

RAUGEO Energy Piles

RAUGEO energy piles are an ideal solution for extracting ground-source energy when the building already requires foundation piles for structural reasons. It saves having to drill boreholes and therefore can provide significant cost savings. Energy piles are typically between 10-20m long and pipework is attached to the steel reinforcement cage.


RAUGEO PE-Xa pipe offers the following advantages for piles:

  • Excellent bending radius removing the need for joints in the pile (>2x flexibility compared to PE 100)
  • High mechanical resistance to withstand notches and grooves on site
  • Suitable for both heating and cooling, PE-Xa pipe is resistant up to 95°C
  • Uses the renowned REHAU EVERLOCTM fitting for connections between the piles

Horizontal collectors

The RAUGEO horizontal collector range is available in PE-Xa and in 25, 32 and 40mm SDR 11 options. Horizontal collectors are ideal for projects with a large surface area. They are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.


  • PE-Xa:
    • High temperature resistance up to 95°C
    • Tight bending radius
    • No sand bed required due to excellent mechanical resistance