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Portmeirion Village

RAUTHERMEX District heating Installation

Portmeirion Village, Gwynedd

Eleanor Street, Sheffield

RAUVITHERM District Heating Scheme

Eleanor Street, Sheffield 

Bonndorf, Germany

Hybrid polymer and steel installation

Bonndorf Germany

District Heating - Future Proof Technology

District heating is the concept of one large centralised boiler instead of individual boilers. Heat is then transported via pre-insulated district heating pipes into each building. Any heat source can be connected to district heating such as gas CHP, waste heat, biomass, anaerobic digestion and heat pumps. The heat source can also be changed in the future (e.g. from fossil fuels to renewable energy) making it a future proof concept.  

District heating can significantly reduce CO2 emissions through the local generation of heat. Another benefit is the reduced maintenance costs due to having one large external boiler compared to many individual boilers. The UK Government believes district heating has huge potential, encouraging local authorities to move forward with this technology by offering funding for feasibility studies.