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What is REHAU Connections?

REHAU Connections is a points-based loyalty scheme open to installer companies purchasing REHAU RAUVITHERM pipe.

How does the scheme work?

Every time your company purchases a length of REHAU RAUVITHERM pipe you earn Connect Points which can be redeemed in exchange for items on the REHAU ‘Redeem and Select Rewards’ page.

How long will the scheme run for?

The scheme will be launched on 1st September 2013 and will run until further notice.

How do I earn Connect Points?

Connect Points are assigned every time a purchase is made and logged by your company online. A copy of the purchase invoice or order acknowledgment must then be sent to REHAU Connections for approval via the Freepost address, fax or email.While awaiting approval, the Connect Points will appear as ‘Pending’ on your ‘My Account’ page meaning that they have not yet been added to the account balance.

Once your invoice is approved the Connect Points will automatically be transferred to the account balance and can be redeemed.

How do I create an account?

To create an account all you need to do is go back to REHAU Connections homepage ( and click ‘Register here’. From there you’ll be taken to a page where you can register/create an account.You only need to create an account once. Or Click on the Register button below.

How many Connect Points can I earn?

The number of Connect Points you can earn is dependent on the purchases made; there is no limit applied whilst the scheme is running.

How do I redeem my Connect Points?

To redeem Connect Points you need to go to the ‘Redeem Points & Select Rewards’ page. Here you will see a scrolling list of all the items currently available for you to redeem your Connnect Points against and the number of points required per item.Items that appear ‘greyed out’ in the list are items that are either not currently available or your Connect Points balance is below the points value of the item listed.

Send your Invoice

You can send your invoice to us by one of the options below:

Upload It

You can upload a pdf of your invoice when you register your invoice at

Email It

Email your invoice to

Fax It

Fax your invoice to 01989 762 654

Post It

Post your invoice to our freepost address:

FAO: Jo Trotman, REHAU Connections
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T & C's

T & C's

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