Award Winning Property Features Package of REHAU Products

House 19, an award winning new build property in Buckinghamshire, showcases REHAU’s building technology components as part of a fully automated, renewable heating and comfort cooling system.

Designed by Jestico & Whiles and named a Regional Award Winner for the south in the 2016 RIBA Awards, the 280m² detached house uses REHAU’s RAUGEO ground source energy probes, underfloor heating system, flexible hot and cold water plumbing pipework and AWADUKT Thermo ground – air heat exchanger.

The installation was specified by consultants XC02 Energy and designed and installed by specialists Be Green Systems working on behalf of main contractors SK Contract Management.

At the heart of the system is a REHAU AWADUKT Thermo ground – air heat exchanger which draws air through a network of 45m of 250mm optimised polypropylene pipes laid 1.5m below ground.  Because of the temperature of the ground at that depth, the air enters the house all year round at around 8-12°C so, depending on the season, it is effectively pre-heated or pre-cooled before entering the MVHR unit in the loft space.

A cooling cool connected to the inlet of the MVHR provides air cooling, while heating and automated comfort cooling is provided on an individual room basis via a REHAU underfloor heating system.

The energy source for the underfloor heating and cooling system is a ground source heat pump located outside the house in a wall mounted cupboard, which is connected to two 100m deep boreholes featuring REHAU’s RAUGEO PE-Xa joint free ground source energy probes.

The final REHAU element is REHAU’s EVERLOC flexible heating and plumbing pipework which is being used for the hot and cold water supply within the house.

The energy costs for the property are further minimised with a 2Kw PV array sited on the roof and a single control system which optimises efficiency.

Be Green, which is a leading designer of sustainable energy solutions for the residential market in the south, chose REHAU products largely on the basis of the quality and durability of the pipework and fittings.

Managing Director Garry Woods said:  “We use REHAU products wherever possible in our projects because they are consistently high quality.  They are experts in polymer so you would expect the pipework to perform well, but the EVERLOC fitting technology used across all of their pipework systems is the real differentiator because it provides a permanent, leak free joint which we know will never leak.”

LocationBuckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Type of projectResidential
CustomerBe Green Systems
ArchitectJestico & Whiles
AWADUKT Thermo - Domestic Installations