AWASCHACHT PP DN 1000 Sewer Chamber


Sewer chamber DN 1000 - Made in Germany

The accessible DN 1000 plastic chamber made from polypropylene with an innovative construction prevents typical damage to the sewer chamber.

  • Modern injection moulding production with many years of experience from the automotive sector
  • 1A Quality made from polypropylene
  • Chamber with flexible modular system
  • A chamber design for every application
  • Economic - Service life of 100 years (certified by LGA certificate)
  • Approved by the building inspectorate Deutschen Institut für Bautechnik (DIBT): Z-42.1-400


Advantages at a glance

  • Economic
    Service life of 100 years certified by the LGA Nuremberg.
  • 100% leak-tight
    Tested for impermeability to external water by the IKT.

  • Safe and easy to maintain
    Safe to BGR 177; inspection-friendly colour orange.

  • Favourable and flexible in the installation
    Modular system ensures easy handling on the construction site. Flexible connections ± 7.5°.

  • 10-year warranty

  • Complete system from one source


Quality sets standards

  • Static load-bearing capacity
    Innovative arch structure of the chamber cone and solid wall construction allow for moving loads with a wheel load of up to 10 tonnes (SLW 60).

  • Chemical resistance
    Polypropylene withstands aggressive substances in the range pH 1-13 and is resistant to corrosion.

  • Temperature resistance
    At low temperatures robust against impact stress. Ideal for hot waste water from industry; short-term up to 90° C, long-term up to 60° C.

  • Sealing system
    Stress release chamber element seal and tried and tested Safety-Lock system ensure leak-tightness.

  • Safety
    Non-slip GfK steps, slip-resistant berms and an aid to facilitate entry ensure safety to BGR 177


Chambers for every application

  • Chamber base DN 1200 or 1500
    Use for large channel diameters with side inlets.

    Sewage and rainwater in a pipe trench is only channelled through one chamber.

  • Energy conversion chamber
    Less material and labour used in steep gradient drainage.

  • Pressure release chamber
    Junction between the waste water pressure pipeline and gravity pipeline.

  • Backflow prevention chamber
    Effective protection against the backflow of sewage from the sewer.

  • Waterflush
    Independent rinsing chamber for sewers.

  • Pump chamber
    Waste water pressure drainage in the case of height differences.

Product Range

Flexible Modular System

Chamber bases

  • Almost 70 standard chamber bases
  • Flexible connections ± 7.5°
  • Channel DN 110 - DN 630
  • Side inlets DN 110 - 500
  • Chamber base diameter DN 1000 - 1200 - 1500

Chamber rings

  • Effective heights 1000 - 750 - 500 - 250 - 125 mm
  • Push-fit system with stress release seal
  • Welding system

Cone DN 1000/625

Plastic bearing ring