AWADOCK Connection System – for Concrete Pipes



AWADOCK polypropylene drilling sockets DN 160 and DN 200 for the side (subsequent) connection of sewer pipes are made from:

  • PVC
  • PP
  • Clay


  • concrete pipes
  • reinforced concrete pipes
  • clay pipes,concrete chambers and flat walls


10 Reasons to choose AWADOCK

  1. Permanently leak-tight to DIN EN 1610.
  2. Easy installation: Drill. Screw in. Leak-tight. The large connecting seal is inserted into the main pipe that the hole has been drilled into. The conical boring socket with outside thread is screwed into the seal. The sealing effect is achieved through the high compression that occurs between the seal and screw crown and the borehole.
  3. “Very Good” rating in the IKT Product Test (2002) and IKT-approved.
  4. Flexible up to ± 7.5° for easier installation into narrow pipe trenches (ball joint).
  5. Large borehole tolerance - including green "airbag seal" (Q-TE-C) for more safety during installation.
  6. Best corrosion protection of the reinforced steel cut out due to the adjusted seal and socket lengths.
  7. Impervious to shear loads and bending.
  8. Permanent internal marking with all of the important information.
  9. No protruding pipes due to the integrated stop in the screw crown.
  10. General technical approval.