AWADOCK CP - Branch Fitting for Sewer Composite Pipes


The AWADOCK Principle: Drill - Screw-In - Leak-Proof

AWADOCK CP (corrugated pipes) is a connecting system made from polypropylene for the side connection of pipes made from PVC and PP to existing composite pipes.


Screwed-in easily, quickly and safely

  • Can be used universally for all composite pipes available on the market that fulfil DIN EN 13476-3.
  • Only three types for all diameters DN/OD 315 to DN/OD 1200.
  • Screwed-in easily, quickly and safely.

AWADOCK CP achieves its safety and leak-tightness, which has been confirmed by the MFPA, through its double sealing function. On one hand, the seal is created by the compression of the connecting seal against the inner cross-section of the core borehole, on the other hand, by the pressure of the lip seals on the inner wall of the composite pipe, which is achieved by screwing the screw-in socket into the connecting seal.

  • Permanent leak-tightness proven through defined compression of the large connecting seal.
  • No protruding pipes due to a stop in the screw crown.
  • Impervious to shear loads and bending.