Corporate Culture

REHAU Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

As an innovative, family-owned business, the highest level of professionalism represents a basic prerequisite to being the world’s leading premium brand for polymer-based solutions. This success is the result of our highly capable and flexible employees, to whom we offer long-term job security. The comparably low fluctuation in employee numbers speaks volumes for our intelligent and reliable personnel management, based on the three pillars of performance, independence and direct communication.


The willingness of every employee to perform is of fundamental importance to us, since the success of REHAU is also the result of the commitment of each individual to their work. Our employees share in the responsibility for the ongoing development of the REHAU Group by providing their personal best. Our company promotes this commitment through fair remuneration based on the market and, above all, with an orientation towards performance.


Since REHAU is not a stock price driven company, we are independent of the fluctuations in the stock market and thus remain an assessable entity in the long term; both for our customers, as well as our employees. Furthermore, we intend to remain so in the future. REHAU is characterised by the reliability of a family-owned firm oriented towards medium- to long-term goals. Instead of focusing on short-term profits, we strive for steady growth and stability. We see our employees as entrepreneurs within our enterprise and place great value on individual initiative and self-determined actions.

Direct Communication

At REHAU, the focus is on our employees. With them, we strive to create a relationship characterised by long-term cooperation based on a special degree of trust. To achieve this, unconditional and direct communication is important; both between employees themselves, as well as between employees and their superiors. Based on an “open door” policy, REHAU employees are given the opportunity to voice their opinions across all functional levels, up to and including corporate management. In doing this they can be assured that their concerns will be treated with complete confidentiality.