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REHAU technology of mobility - infrastructure

REHAU as a partner - unconventional fabrication of electric mobility

REHAU "Unlimited" magazine issue 4 - Bike-to-go

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REHAU "Unlimited" 4 - Swiss Airbus

Technology drives mobility

It’s a small world now thanks to information technology and data transfer, thanks to planes, trains and cars. Companies like REHAU are working to make sure the beauty of mobility won’t morph into a nightmare.

"80% of the 20–29 year-olds prefer public transportation to cars."


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REHAU "Unlimited" 4 - Carsten Sperrer employed since 2007

Team players

"This MINI explodes boundaries," wrote Germany’s "Autobild" magazine. The British journal "Car Magazine" dubbed it "technically impeccable". It’s the Countryman they’re referring to; the MINI conceived for off-road driving is now the biggest of the 6-member MINI family. A child with many fathers and a few mothers too – many of whom came from REHAU.

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REHAU "Global Drive" project - more flexible, more mobile


In the crucibles built to create the scientific elite of the future, enormous creative potential is being forged. For future-thinking companies like REHAU, collaboration with university networks is significant. Together with the Technological University of Munich, REHAU sponsored the "Global Drive" project where an international study team masterminded a foldable pedal-electric bicycle: a "Bike-to-go".

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Other topics

REHAU Team Manager Blanca Estela Nunez Lopez

Blanca Estela Núñez Lopez
Team manager at REHAU
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REHAU engineering air/water/sealing

Interview with Martin Wippermann

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Energy-efficient Street Scooter

Miracle of construction
The StreetScooter convincingly demonstrates that electromobility doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
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REHAU future automotive manufacturing

Lightness of being

In automotive engineering, plastics are now indispensable.
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REHAU’s hydrogen alternative

Strong under pressure

Gasoline and diesel fuel sources won’t suddenly dry up from one day to the next.
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REHAU "Unlimited" reduction of CO2 emissions

Blue wonder
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REHAU administration building in Mexico

Since 1993, Celaya, the third largest city in the state of Guanajuato.
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REHAU mobility strategies - passenger transport

Technology helps to streamline mobility

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REHAU city racer - alternatives to cars
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