REHAU "Unlimited" magazine issue 4 - Bike-to-go

Stanford, Cambridge, Singapore: today it’s standard for universities to deliberately link their research and development projects to the interests and ambitions of international business enterprises.

REHAU sponsored "Global Drive" project

From the sketch ...

In the crucibles built to create the scientific elite of the future, enormous creative potential is being forged. For future-thinking companies like REHAU, collaboration with university networks is significant. Together with the Technological University of Munich, REHAU sponsored the "Global Drive" project where an international study team masterminded a foldable pedal-electric bicycle: a "Bike-to-go".

Then in Munich in June 2011, eight students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore and from Munich’s Technical University proudly presented the hard-won results of their collaboration: their new "Bike-to-go". Besides meeting the highest technical standards, the pedal-electric bike also cut a lovely silhouette.

The young, colourful mixed troupe of designers, engineers and material experts, who initially had to overcome cultural differences in the beginning phases, quickly cohered into a vivid team.

REHAU "Unlimited" Bike-to-go technology

... via the model...

During the many months of detailed work, be it in Singapore, Munich or Rehau, energetic discussions transpired, plans were drawn up and trashed, new ones proposed, considered, and sent once again back to the drawing board. Yet the concerted effort, to which a lot of free time was sacrificed, proved worth it: the "Bike-to-go" is ready to roll into series production.

"Global Drive" came into being in 2008, after the Chair of Vehicle Technology had a glowing experience with student teams at the US’s Stanford University. Each three or four of the Munich students, working together with foreign students in the context of the program established to develop original technical solutions related to technology of the future, were provided with technical support by a partner in the industry. The assignment, being based on open-ended questions and considered wholly outside established trains of thought and existing engineering practices, lead to new, creative approaches.

REHAU "Global Drive" project - more flexible, more mobile

... to the prototype.

With the "Bike-to-go" REHAU, responding to people’s increasing demand to become more flexible and more mobile, sponsored the feasibility study to address the demand. The polymer specialist, by intensively accompanying the process step-by-step, was satisfied with the results: a prototype for a space-saving electric pedal bicycle for everyday use that’s easy to operate and, because of its unique folding capability, also easy to store.

Currently REHAU is sponsoring another student project in the context of the "Global Drive" program, again with students from Asia und Europe. Their shared ambition is to develop a clever automated bicycle lending concept.

REHAU supporting student projects in Europe and Asia

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