Blanca Estela Núñez Lopez

REHAU Team Manager in Celaya, Mexico

Blanca Estela Núñez Lopez (29) Team manager

Lives Apaseo el Grande, Celaya, Mexico
At REHAU since 2002
Position Team Manager in Automobile Industry Production

REHAU site Plant Celaya, Mexico
Hobbies Dance, Sport

"Mexico is my home, I love my country. Here, finding secure employment really means a lot. I still enjoy going to work – and it’s been ten years now already. When I started at REHAU I was just 19. I applied for a job when the company here in Celaya expanded and was hiring people for the refrigerator gasket production department. That was indescribable, waiting three long weeks for an answer then getting the good news that I could start as a packer. At that point I put my dream of getting a high school diploma on ice for the job.

I don’t regret it. When I got this job I threw myself into the work and secured the chance to develop, growing up through the ranks within the firm. Today I’m in charge of 17 employees. We produce components for the auto industry, for Volkswagen, Nissan or Ford for example. By Mexican standards it's uncommon for a woman to be able to build a career and be promoted, and for the men in the team, it’s certainly not easy to have a woman as a line manager. Mexico, in these terms, isn’t as advanced as other countries. It’s still going to take a while for the concept of gender equality to be fully accepted. This is precisely the reason it’s important to me that among the team, regardless of gender, we function with mutual respect. A good work climate is an inspired work climate. Ultimately, we do spend more time together in the company than we do at home with our families.

As to the question of whether I should be characterised as a workaholic, the answer is no. But, well, my job, as I said, holds a very high importance to me in my life. Today my work day began at 3 pm. That’s not unusual when you work as I do in shifts. My hours change according to the shifts. That’s not a big problem, it’s all a question of organisation basically. Actually, it’s the opposite – at the weekend I’m studying for my high school diploma! I do admit I don’t end up with a lot of free time on my hands, just enough to get to the fitness studio which I really like to do. My goal is to get to study at some point, hopefully majoring in labour psychology. In a certain sense, I’m already busy studying in this field."

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