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With the battle cry calling for the reduction of CO2 emissions and other pollutants as well, the goal in terms of environmental protection is to pressure automobile manufacturers into creating new ways to make cars meet stricter DIN, US und Euro norms.

The best-known solution at present is the SCR, or selective catalytic reduction, a process which effectively reduces nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines. Currently it’s primarily used for diesel utility vehicle engines but when in August 2014 Euro-6 norm for diesel engines is approved, then the SCR spark will finally leap to private passenger cars too. Of this, REHAU experts are convinced.

For years the polymer expert has been specialising in the development of high tech hose systems, effectively amassing valuable knowledge in selective catalytic reduction technology. The process involves spraying a 32.5 percent aqueous urea solution, to be known industry-wide as AdBlue, into the SCR catalytic converters and thereby transforming the unwanted nitrogen oxide into steam und nitrogen. There’s a problem here: ADBlue is extremely diffusible, and therefore has to be well sealed. To make matters worse – it freezes at minus 11 degrees. REHAU’s resourceful engineers can be thanked for devising the perfect solution: lining the robust, urea resistant hoses through which the liquid flows with tiny heating wires that generate heat. A special sheathing of the hoses allows coolant to circulate around the hoses, if required. That way, these new clever hoses can withstand temperatures from minus 35 degrees Celsius to plus 100 degrees.

In contrast to commercial vehicles, in passenger cars the hose assemblies and carbamide tank won’t be fitted externally, but instead integrated into the automobile. Space is limited. Yet REHAU’s specially developed internally-heated hose systems, with extremely small cross-sections, ensure the success of a highly effective, environmentally-friendly nitrogen reduction technique that can be implemented in passenger cars without hassle.

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