REHAU partner of foundation Sauti Kuu

Powerful Voices

Help for those who help themselves – that’s what contemporary third world development programs seek to promote. Kenya’s recently launched Sauti Kuu (Swahili for “Powerful Voices”) is one such innovative project.

Sauti Kuu works to support rural African families in a way that helps them successfully establish their own farms with their own efforts. The long-term goal: discouraging migration from the countrysides as well as establishing effective infrastructures in rural environments.The driving force behind the project: Kenyan Auma Obama. She has already launched the Sauti Kuu Foundation in Kenya, funding it almost exclusively herself. Since 2009, she’s also working successfully with Kenyan youth in Kegolo. REHAU has made a commitment to provide the foundation with both consulting and financial support.

REHAU new location Györ

Modern Györ

REHAU continues to invest in its international growth strategy. 120 kilometres outside Hungary’s capital city Budapest, Györ is about to become a new location for the polymer specialist to establish a site for supplying and supporting the automotive industry.

The centrepiece of the machine park will be a modular water-and-energy-efficient paint plant. With an anticipated total investment of EUR 60 million, an estimated 200 new jobs will be generated by the factory, which will follow the most advanced ecological and economical parameters in producing system components exclusively for the auto industry. REHAU’s client Audi maintains a factory nearby as well. Production will begin in 2013.

REHAU radical LEDs - CO2 emissions

Radical LEDs

CO2 emissions are escalating fastest in China. Accordingly, the Chinese government is busy reducing them wherever possible.

One measure, which will save China an annual CO2 output of no less than 50 million tons, is the ban on light bulbs to be introduced gradually, beginning in October. Bulbs of 100 watts or more will be banned so that by October 2016, conventional light bulbs will have vanished completely and replaced with LED bulbs exclusively. This will effectively make China the first country in the world to commit to full LED reliance.

REHAU news - refrigerators waste energy


Defrosting the freezer compartment of your fridge – is worth it:

Up to 15% more energy is wasted when there’s a build-up of over one centimetre of ice.

REHAU city racer

City racer

As population density in cities increases, ingenious alternatives to cars becomes increasingly important.

Following on the heels of the motorisation of the bike comes the call for the motorisation of that old faithful, the roller skate. Aptly-named American designer Peter Treadway heeded the call, inventing spnkix – an adolescent’s dream come true. Thanks to the internal electric drive, users latch them onto their normal shoes and become a veritable streak of light, gliding through the city at 16 kilometres per hour. A wireless joystick steers these futuristic rollerblades.

REHAU automotive - cool soundtrack

Cool soundtrack

The deep roar of a Ferrari, the bassy trumpet blast of a Corvette, the leisurely chugging of an Oldtimer; engine sounds belong to the nature of street life.

This will dramatically change however, because in the foreseeable future the number of electric cars on the road will definitely increase – and these cars move silently. Precisely this characteristic is occupying engineers and developers across the automotive industry because a car that can’t be heard, spells danger. At Volvo and Toyota, Lotus and Smart, everywhere everyone’s busy fine-tuning the e-car’s eventual ideal engine sound. Consensus to date seems to be leaning toward an agreeably positive purring, but exactly which rumble is to be adopted, has yet to be agreed.

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