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We generate continuous growth through our own efforts; with innovation and expertise in technology, as well as material and systems development. Over 20,000 employees at over 170 locations around the globe ensure the success of our independent, family-owned company.

REHAU building - Franconian leather factory

Company building 1948: Franconian leather factory


Founded in the Bavarian town of Rehau. Replacement of conventional materials with polymer materials: initial products included shoe welting, garden hoses and automotive components.

Company founder Helmut Wagner transfers control of the company to his sons: Jobst Wagner becomes president of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Veit Wagner becomes vice president.

REHAU initially established itself in Germany and the neighbouring Western European states, followed by successful further development in Europe and the establishment of facilities in North America, Asia and Australia. Today REHAU is represented worldwide on all continents in more than 50 countries.

REHAU will continue to remain independent and to gear itself towards medium and long-term goals, instead of focusing on short-term benefits.

With stable growth in mind, we are concentrating our activities on sectors and regions which promise long-term potential.

REHAU is active around the globe, with different emphasis on the individual business fields in the respective regions. Geographically our group of companies is broken down into eight regions:

  • Central Europe (Central Europe with Germany, Poland, the Baltic States, Finland),
  • Southern Europe (Southern Europe, South America, parts of North Africa),
  • Southeast Europe (Southeast Europe with Greece, Czech Republic and Turkey),
  • East (Russia, Belarus, Turkic States),
  • Western Europe (France, Switzerland, Benelux, parts of North Africa),
  • North America (North and Central America),
  • Asia and Australia (Asia and Australia)
  • As well as Region GS (Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, South Africa).

The administration headquarters of the REHAU Group is in Muri/Switzerland.

Business divisions

Building Solutions

As a leading supplier of polymer-based solutions in the construction sector, REHAU revolutionises the economy, design and functionality, as well as safety and comfort of construction products. Operators and users, architects, specifiers, investors and distributors benefit from complex systems. With its innovative, integrated solutions, REHAU contributes to reducing energy losses and generating and using energy efficiently. In the area of water supply and disposal, we guarantee the safe and hygienic transport of the number one resource, by offering systems for rainwater management and waste water disposal and treatment.


Using intelligent solutions, we support our customers in their efforts to develop car design, comfort and safety in every possible respect. Reliability and a sense of responsibility are the hallmarks of our activity. Our aim is to develop solutions for the challenges of the future and thereby contribute to mobility. By reducing the weight of the structural components, we have managed to reduce CO2 emissions. We support research into alternative power options, for example with the help of electricity or hydrogen. Multi-functional battery modules and thermal management are other fields of activity in which REHAU is a reliable development partner for the automotive industry.


In the industrial sector REHAU has established itself as an innovator and a reliable series and systems supplier for various applications. We are occupied, in particular, with the living and working environments of the future. Together with other companies and institutions, we are already developing solutions for the needs of future generations. By offering complete freedom of design choice, REHAU customers can let their creativity run free. For sectors such as furniture, domestic products and aerospace, REHAU offers comprehensive supply and service packages.

REHAU ACADEMY - supporting partners

By supporting our partners with targeted sales promotions and commercial and technical business management, we work alongside them. We help with invitations to tender and project planning, training in seminars and provide practical help - from tailor-made IT programs, through to a complete trade fair stand.

Research and innovation

REHAU promotes sector-specific and customer-oriented research work, develops new materials, formulations and processes and takes them to the point of being ready for series production. In conjunction with applications engineering and laboratories, process engineering and our in-house tool and die shop, REHAU develops system solutions for the benefit of the customer.

Innovations (Extracts)

  • 1998 First polymer fender large-scale series production for the Audi A2
  • 2000 First Passive house certified window profile Clima-Design
  • 2001 RAUVOLET-metallic-line tambour doors
  • 2002 REHAU-Polytec 50 curtain walling system
  • 2003 AWADUKT Thermo ground-air heat exchanger
  • 2004 Latest bonding technology for large surface glass curtain walling
  • 2004 Division award for crash management system Automotive

  • 2005 RAUVOLET acoustic-line, sound-insulating tambour door
  • 2006 AWASCHACHT DN 1000, polymer waste water chamber with a diameter of one metre
  • 2007 Ski-Line - innovative ski in-run track system (combination of coolable winter track with a summer track).
  • 2008 World premiere of GENEO - a fully-reinforced window profile system made from the high tech material RAU-FIPRO.
  • 2009 RELAZZO decking system based on the WPC composite material RAU-WOOD; RAUTITAN, innovative installation system with polymer fittings
  • 2010 REHAU heat pump completes the energy efficient product range for heating and cooling
  • 2011 Bavarian Quality Prize in the Industry category for outstanding process and product quality as well as for an innovative Company-wide quality assurance concept; award from the Bavarian State Government for active protection of environment and health
  • 2011 ULTRALITEC: A new type of production process that combines fibres with thermo-plastic by a special compression moulding and laying technique.


  • Germany: around 8,000
  • Europe: approx. 12,000
  • Worldwide: Over 20,000


  • Germany: 16 sales offices, 11 plants, 2 administration offices, 3 logistics centres
  • Europe: more than 100 locations, over 20 plants, more than 80 sales offices
  • Worldwide: more than 170 locations, over 40 plants, more than 110 sales offices

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