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REHAU Unlimited future mobility issue 4

"Unlimited" Issue 4 - Future Mobility

"Unlmited" Issue 4 - Future Mobility

Devising solutions to these problems occupies the minds of visionary futurologists, inventive city planners and traditional car manufacturers alike. They’re all calling for new space management strategies, technological innovations and modified consumer behaviours.

Present day transportation strategies, evolved over earlier decades, now face revolutionary transformations. Whether the trend shifts gears into electric, hybrid or hydro, or whether conventional engines prove irreplaceable, has yet to be determined. In a market so dynamic, where multiple technical solutions compete, the final frontrunner is far from identified. What’s ecologically judicious while economically worthwhile? Clearly, an environmentally sustainable approach to future mobility requires eco-friendly uses of resources. Lightweight constructions will also play an essential, if not the defining role. Meanwhile, new engine systems will assume positions in the automotive pantheon. Being long-standing, successful partners in developments in the automotive, railway and aviation industries, REHAU already considers itself accomplished in this regard – and accomplished as trailblazers of new, innovative technologies as well. For us, "Future Mobility" is more than a glance into a crystal ball. Learn more in the 4th issue of Unlimited.

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REHAU Unlimited energy efficiency issue 3

"Unlimited" Issue 3 - Energy efficiency

"Unlimited" Issue 3 – Energy efficiency

This time the focus is "energy efficiency". This issue centres on the economy and how world markets are trying to bring energy efficient and resource-saving developments to the fore. We present the contribution REHAU is making with its materials, systems and solutions expertise to permanently avoid or reduce energy losses.

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REHAU Unlimited future living issue 2

"Unlimited" Issue 2 - Future Living

"Unlimited" Issue 2 – Future Living

There are currently more than seven billion people living on our planet. By 2024 this figure will be eight billion. This is set against climate change, a shortage of land and a threatened shortage in the supply of natural energy resources.

The problems we have to face are complex: the population of the world is increasing rapidly, urbanisation in developing countries is accompanied by the explosive creation of mass societies in metropolises with millions of inhabitants, so called megacities. This development within our global world requires intelligent models for future living and working environments.

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REHAU Water management issue 1

"Unlimited" Issue 1 - Water management

"Unlimited" Issue 1 – Water management

Everyone is talking about sustainability. And so are we. In fact it has been a corporate practice of ours for the past 60 years. By pursuing a far-sighted corporate policy aligned to the long term.

What our systems and products achieve is shown by the articles in this new magazine that we have named Unlimited. This is right in line with our guiding principle “REHAU moves people and people drive REHAU”. This first issue of Unlimited is devoted to the topic of water. It is well known that life cannot exist without water, which is why we must do everything in our power to safeguard this vital, but diminishing, resource.

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