Building Solutions team mark combined 100-year anniversary


There have been celebrations all round at REHAU as five members of the Building Solutions team mark their combined 100-year anniversary. 

Two decades ago Jo Trotman, Laurence Chownsmith, Franz Huelle, Graham Richardson and Colin Pearson all joined REHAU, with 2018 marking each of their twentieth work anniversaries. 

During this time we have not only seen the take-over of the internet, but there has also been many developments within the firm and the construction industry in general. 

Now, to mark their 20-year milestone some of the team have taken a trip down memory lane and shared their thoughts on what has changed since they first became part of the REHAU team. 

Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager for Building Solutions, started life at REHAU as a commercial trainee in business administration. “When I joined the team at REHAU in Ross-on-Wye I was on a three-year programme to experience all areas of the business, but after 15 months I started a full-time position looking after marketing collateral and supported the promotion department.


“Professionally, I’ve enjoyed success in the internal REHAU awards, winning the Brand Award for the RAUVITHERM campaign – which went on to be rolled out internationally. And we all love the Marketing Communication Conference where we meet up with our colleagues from all over the world. 

“Personally since starting at REHAU, I’ve celebrated major birthdays, my wedding and purchased my own house. I’ve also met some great people throughout the years, and for me that’s the best part.” 

Laurence Chownsmith, National Sales Manager based at Langley, Slough, is best known by his colleagues as an avid runner, often found raising money for good causes. 

“To start with, I was involved in underfloor heating, heating and plumbing, medical, cable management, telecoms and railway with three people to manage. Now I am much more focused on the Building Solutions division with 16 plus personnel. 

“Vivid memories of my time at REHAU include being in Germany on training during the World Cup. I was with a Scottish and Irish colleague and 50 Germans watching the England vs. Argentina match. I was the lone England supporter and I have never felt so out-numbered – but it was all good fun.

 “I’ve also experienced some personal changes since starting at REHAU, I‘m now completely bald and the two small children I had when I started with the business have both graduated from university.“

 Technical Manager for the Building Solutions division at REHAU, Franz Huelle, started off as an applications engineer for bespoke customer products. 

“Initially my first few years were a real learning period about the polymer industry. I worked in the UK and it was very interesting coming from a background of aerospace. After two and a half years I moved to the building solutions division. 

“In 2004 I transferred to work at REHAU in Australia. I was there for six years before returning to the UK. I got to be really hands on with customers and increased my understanding of how to install the products.

 “For me there are many positives about the time I have been with REHAU, including the variety in location but also in product. It’s hard to find this type of role, but something I really enjoy. I also have enjoyed a great team spirit here at Ross particularly. In fact my most memorable moment at REHAU was my team stag party, which was very fun – I think that’s all I can say about that.“

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