National Recycling Awards


REHAU TOTAL70 co-extruded profile has been shortlisted for Recycled Product of The Year

REHAU’s TOTAL70 co-extruded profile uses recycled material from first generation UPVC windows to create brand new high-quality, energy efficient window frames. The core of the TOTAL70 window profile is made up entirely of post-consumer waste, with only the outer skin made of new polymer for a flawless finish.

The qualities of the TOTAL70 co-extruded profile are key to its success. This product is identical to its mono extrusion counterpart and it forms an important addition to the flagship range. Not only does this profile offer the equivalent in appearance but also in performance, reaching the same quality assurance levels.

As a manufacturer, REHAU is conscious of the impact of its actions on people and the environment and determined to continue to develop with new and innovative technology to be at the front of the recycling move with the window and PVC industry.

While some of REHAU’s competitors are now making moves into the manufacture of more sustainable window products, REHAU’s TOTAL70 co-extruded profile is unique in that it is believed to be the only profile on the market to use 100% post-consumer waste within the core of the product. This means that all of the polymer REHAU uses for the recycled element of its TOTAL70 co-extruded profile comes from old PVC windows and doors, effectively creating a closed loop of material use.

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