Myth-busting pre-insulated pipe guide launched

RAUVITHERM pre-insulated pipe
RAUTHERMEX pre-insulated pipe
RAUVITHERM pre-insulated pipe

With heat networks still only contributing around 2% of the UK’s total heat demand, REHAU has released a new guide to help M&E Consultants and Contractors better understand the use of pre-insulated pipes in district heating systems. 

Breaking Down the Barriers is a 12-page guide aiming to improve the industry’s understanding of heat networks and bust some commonly held misconceptions surrounding district heating pipework. 

The guide delves into the world of district heating, which uses a variety of sources, including gas and energy from waste and renewable energy sources, to provide heat demand for a number of buildings, whether residential, commercial or multi-occupancy. 

It also explores the benefits of this heat network, which offers carbon savings via local heat generation, lower bills to end users and can help reduce fuel poverty, lower maintenance and fuel security.

The guide also takes on some common misconceptions surrounding district heating and the use of polymer pipes in these heat networks. Questions such as, are specialist welding teams required for installation, and are polymer pipes only suited for small networks and house connections, are answered. And later in the guide M&E Contractors are given five top tips to consider when working on district heating projects.  

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