REHAU launches digital sustainability report


REHAU has launched its third annual Sustainability report to introduce customers to its new ‘Fit for the Future’ strategy, which outlines how the business will achieve the ambitious goals it is setting to become more sustainable by 2020.  

Available for the first time in a digital-only format, the Sustainability report is an interesting, easy-to-read overview of REHAU’s vision and values, as well as its entrepreneurial activities, ground-breaking pilot projects and resource-friendly technologies under development. 

The decision to make this year’s Sustainability report available in digital format only reflects REHAU’s belief that sustainability and digitalisation are inseparable challenges for companies operating in this time. 

Dr Stefan Girschik, Deputy CEO at REHAU, said: “With an online only publication, we are not only saving natural resources – because we don’t have printed copies anymore – but it also ensures we are in tune with the spirit of the times. Digitalisation is an increasingly important part of a business’ operations and it goes hand in hand with our push for improved sustainability.” 

In the Sustainability report, REHAU states it will work towards saving 30 per cent of its electricity consumption by 2020, commits to reducing its water consumption by 40 per cent by 2020 and plans to continue reducing its carbon emissions (already down 26.5 per cent). 

The report also details some of the innovative ways that REHAU is developing its products, including new polymer formulations and new high-quality, sustainable composite materials which could replace conventional materials such as glass and concrete in the future. 

With around 100 new patent applications filed every year, REHAU is a determindly innovative company and the report aptly reflects its forward-thinking outlook. 

Dr Stefan Girschik added: “As an innovative company REHAU is leading the way in sustainability, investing 10 per cent of our resources on the products of the future. We think holistically, act sustainably and invest so we can continue to create new solutions that add value to our customers, conserve resources and contribute to society.” 

REHAU’s Sustainability report provides absolute transparency for customers who want to know how environmentally sound REHAU is, where its products come from and its plans for the future. You can find the report at

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