Sophisticated and still economical

Using a laminated real metal foil, RAUKANTEX magic II combines the look and feel of real metal with the processing advantages of polymer materials.

It therefore combines a sophisticated and equally economical alternative compared to solid metal edgeband applications.

The "metal on a roll" stands out due to its very good radius compatibility. With new, warm metal tones such as copper and champage, REHAU offers a high quality alternative to the cool aluminium or stainless steel surfaces. It is ideal for thick worktops and also wide sides and frames. It is also possible to print the real metal foil. This combination of high quality metal look and creative design opens up completely new design perspectives.



  • Look and feel of real metal
  • Processing advantages of polymer materials
  • Design variants aluminium, stainless steel and chrome
  • Base colour as a contrast possible
  • Surface UV-lacquered
  • Good radius compatibility
  • Finishing with printing possible
  • All magic II colours also available as magic 3D
  • Also available as RAUKANTEX laser edge