Design with depth effect

Edgebands from the RAUKANTEX magic 3D provide another highlight.

The combination of transparent surfaces and high quality printing on the rear creates a unique and three-dimensional depth.

This "3D-Effect" allows the decorative design to appear even more prominently and uni (solid) colours even brighter.

The positive processing properties of the edgebands also speak for themselves: very good radius compatibility, a finish that requires no reworking, a surface that can be polished and a decorative design that also remains when the radius is milled.



  • Unique and three-dimensional depth
  • Prominent, bright apperance
  • Reverse embossing and printing on the rear with metal tones
  • Printing on the front and rear (foamed Alu)
  • No frame effect
  • Very good processing properties
  • Also available as RAUKANTEX laser edge